Zakres Usług

Different points of view, different expectations - a common path.

That's mediation.

Dispute between contractors can not only lead to financial problems, but also damage the image or even the loss of important business partners and trade agreements.

Disputes between companies and employees or within society can not only severely hinder the functionality and productivity of a company, but can even disrupt the entire business process; quite apart from image damage through press releases.

In all cases of conflict, mediation is able to prevent lengthy and expensive legal proceedings. A solution mediated by the mediator and sponsored by both parties draws positive energy into the future and thus supports the lasting success of your company as well as the satisfaction of your employees.

In order to maintain a positive working atmosphere, but also to prevent or handle in-house conflicts, we also recommend the efficient use of our qualified training measures. These are individually tailored to the needs of your company.

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