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The law firm Piotr Poźniak LL.M. specializes in legal services for German entrepreneurs and private individuals, which planing to set up a business in Poland or are already economically active there. The main focus of our law firm's services lies in German-Polish business and trade relations.

We not only help you to enter the Polish market (opening a branch office, selecting the company form, site selection, Mergers and Acquisitions> M & A <transactions etc.), we also support and accompany you in the day-to-day running of your company in Poland and fulfillment of all related administrative requirements. Thanks to the experience gained in both German and Polish law firms, we offer legal solutions and contractual arrangements that take into account both the specific features of German-Polish business traffic and the cultural reality in Poland.

We always keep in mind the differences between the economic and legal conditions in Germany and Poland. We offer you German-speaking legal counsel in Poland. We advise and accompany you in your economic activiyt in contract negotiations, court proceedings, claims, as well as in contacts with the authorities and state authorities.

Legal advice in the Republic of Poland (Polish law) includes:

  • Civil law / Civil Procedure Law
  • Commercial Law and Contracts (trade / companies)
  • Transport and Forwarding Law
  • Employment Law
  • Consumer Rights
  • Bankruptcy and Restructuring Law
  • Start-up`s

Legal advice in the Federal Republic of Germany (German law) includes:

  • Civil Law / Civil Procedure Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Transport and Forwarding Law
  • Employment Law
  • Consumer Rights

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